Venice Beach Shark Teeth

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Venice Beach Florida Shark Teeth

Venice Beach Florida Shark Tooth Capital of the World

Venice Beach in Florida is known as the Shark Tooth Capital of the World. This statement is truly not an exaggeration, since the beaches in Venice, FL are literally littered with shark teeth!

There are a wide variety of types of shark teeth that can be found at Venice Beach and Carcharodon megalodon teeth are among them.

Venice is a popular megalodon teeth diving location and for good reason. It’s possible to find megalodon teeth right on the beach in Venice, FL, although this is most common after hurricanes come through and stir things up.

Most people will use sand scoops to sift through sand that’s found at the shell line that forms where the waves break. This shell line is filled with tons of shark teeth and other kinds of prehistoric fossils.

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Venice Beach Fl Fishing Pier Sharkys

Venice Beach Florida From Fishing Pier

The unique thing about Venice Beach, Florida is that this area has not always been a beach. The beach has a very gradual slope, so you can go out a decent distance and only be in 20 – 30 feet of water.

If you stand on Venice Beach and look out into the ocean, you should be able to notice a light colored line that roughly runs parallel to the beach. This light colored line is actually a prehistoric river bed, so you will find fossilized bones in this area and on the beach itself.

Among these fossilized remains are megalodon teeth. Carcharodon megalodon’s teeth are commonly found in rivers today for a variety of reasons, so this is part of the reason why they are so common at this beach.

The beauty of Venice Beach, FL on the Gulf Coast is simply beautiful. The sun sets over the water on the Gulf Coast of Florida, so the sunsets on Venice Beach are truly amazing.

Venice Beach in Florida is located off I-75 between Sarasota and Port Charlotte. It’s about 45 minutes north of Fort Myers and Cape Coral, and it’s a bit over an hour south from Tampa.

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