Megalodon Tooth Hunting Tips

A lot of people want to go hunting for a megalodon tooth for a variety of reasons. In addition to making great collector’s items, they’re also quite valuable when they’re large and in good condition.

Although the best way to find these teeth is by diving for them, it is entirely possible to find one laying on the beach shore after a large storm. Since diving requires certification, training and expensive equipment, some people are stuck on land to hunt for megalodon teeth.

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Luckily, another technique is commonly used by people that like to walk beaches known for their shark teeth. This technique involves an inexpensive and simple to use sand sifting scoop. Many beaches that are known for their shark teeth hunting may claim that they offer these for rent, but it’s nearly impossible to find one available during the busy season.

To properly prepare for a trip to a beach to go megalodon shark tooth hunting, you will want to order your own sand scoop. When you’re trying to find shark teeth this way, it’s very addicting. If you’ve bought your own sand scoop, you’ll be very happy you did when your friends start to take theirs back to the rental booth and you get to keep scooping. A full day of renting a sand scoop can actually pay for it entirely, which is another reason why ordering your own sifting scoop before you take your trip is a good idea.

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The strategy with the sand scooping method is quite simple. This scoop is a wire-mesh basket on the end of a metal pole. The ones that you can buy actually have extendable poles, while the rentals will be cheap and one piece.

Simply walk up to the edge of the surf where there is a nice wash-up of shells in a pile, then scoop the sand into the basket from that area. Once you have the sand in the basket, rock it back and forth in the water to sift out all of the sand and tiny pieces.

Then, pour out the basket on the shore to hunt through the remains for shark teeth. You can literally fill an entire pocket full of shark teeth in a few hours on particular beaches in Florida.

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It’s also possible to walk further out into the water and use the sand scoop in the same manner, even in combination with free diving in shallow depths. If you plan on trying out some free diving techniques, take a look at our guide on shark teeth diving.

Hunting for Megalodon Shark Teeth with a Sand Scoop

Hunting for Megalodon Shark Teeth with a Sand Scoop

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