Carcharodon Megalodon Size

There is still ongoing debate about true size estimates for Carcharodon megalodon, although it is commonly accepted that his huge megatooth shark grew to lengths of at least 55 feet to 60 feet. It also had a body mass of nearly 80 tons. It also had 46 front row teeth at any given time and more than 200 waiting behind them to replace ones that fall out. A few scientists still debate sizes outside of those ranges, but the majority of them agree upon those rough numbers.

To make size estimates of this shark, scientists and researchers have recreated megalodon jaws using existing fossil teeth. Length estimates can then be taken from the jaw reconstructions, but the methods of creating a megalodon jaw is debated since nobody really knows what it looks like or how big it is.

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Some estimates on megalodon’s size have reached upwards of 100 feet long, although most people dismiss these estimates are being inaccurate. Some people agree that there may have been individual megalodon sharks that were able to survive longer and grow to larger sizes than other megalodon sharks, just like some humans are taller than others, but these situations would still not cause a shark to be more than 10-20 feet larger than others.

It is estimated that Carcharodon megalodon consumed as much as 2,500 pounds of food every day. This type of diet that consisted of mostly large aquatic creatures like pilosaurs and whales is likely a contributing factor of it’s immense sizes, although the diet was also likely as a result of their massive bodies craving a lot of food to sustain energy.

Take a look at the size and scale chart guide below for Carcharodon megalodon. The red and grey shark pictures are the conservative and maximum size estimates for megalodon. In light purple is Rhincodon typus, the whale shark that is the largest fish in the world today. The notorious great white shark, Carcharodon carcharius, is shown in green, while a human is shown in blue to the side.

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This size chart is drawn to scale to represent the actual sizes of these sharks and people to give you a realistic view of the size of megalodon. If you’ve ever seen a great white shark in person, you can just imagine how scary it would be to encounter a megalodon shark in real life – they would easily be able to swallow a human whole! Even though the real size of the great megatooth shark will never really be known, this is an excellent guide to help you comprehend just how big it of a sea creature it was.

Carcharodon megalodon size estimate chart compared with other sharks and humans

Megalodon's Size Compared With A Whale Shark, Great White Shark and a Human

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